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The Begining

The faculty of Allied Health Sciences, university of Peradeniya, was established in 17th of july 2006, as the 8th faculty of the university of Peradeniya, to offer 4 year special degrees in Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Radiography, Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Allied Health...

The university of Peradeniya, Colombo, Sri Jayawardenapura, Ruhunu and Jaffna contributed in the process of commencing 4 year degree programs in above areas, as a mile stone in srilankan education to promote health education according to the internationally recognized standards. They did not just dropped down from the sky,,, as for peradeniya, the course content and the curriculum was developed by a group of expertise in each aspect from the Sheffield Hallam university, uk. And so far has gone well for 4 complete years. Its in the hands of the experts in education reforms to decide the validity or suitability of a degree program, not in the Hand of a trade union , with officials having just a Medical degree. But it seems that they have lost there way in the field of medicine,even not being able to stop the practice of non doctors as real doctors, which has become a headache not only for doctors as well as for patients. Not being able to specify their own profession, how can they poke in to other professions and try to stir it as they wish, thinking that its tie own. That's the problem in my mind.


In the health sector, only in Srilanka, the hospitals are over flooded with doctors, who think that the medical service is based on doctors alone ( Not all , there are great doctors who's worth calling gods among doctors ), and non other is important in the practice. ( Imaging a hospital without a pharmacy, Lab, X-ray Unit, Physiotherapy unit, Nurses, attendants, not to for get the cleaning staff as well....... and many more not mentioned) , they believe hospitals are institutes that gives drugs to be swallowed by patients, but they are not. Its a combined effort which runs a hospital and each and every individual is a part of the process and the service.
This is not the view of all doctors as i mentioned earlier, but there are few such pig heads who keeps the Hippocratic oath as a wall hanger, for fun. Because of so called doctors like this, the health sector goes back words , instead of forward. They do not believe in the progress of the health system by educating the supporting professions, except they want themselves to be the only well educated party. While all countries are giving a higher education to the health sector,for a better service, this minority objects the same process in Srilanka using their inherited power of the trade union. That's when the Dispute on Faculty of Allied Health Sciences Came in to play.

The steps of life...........

The faculty was build with a goal to improve the quality and standards of the health service by the means of improving the allied Health field..which include radiography/radiotherapy, physiotherapy, pharmacy, medical laboratory science and nursing. it was believed that the higher standards of these areas will promote the health sector to accommodate the needs of the increasing demand of the developing world.
The idea of having four year special degrees for these areas is not a fools will but a major step taken to improve the health standards provided by each profession, for the patient, with the standards and knowledge of a professionals competent with the services in the developed world.
In all these area, with the new education systems, 3rd world countries such as India, has started giving 4year special degrees as they have seen the advantages of it, while competing to become a better country , coming out of 3rd world depth.
Only in Srilanka, which is steps away of being the miracle of Asia, is still trying to ignore the fact that, internationally recognized education systems are mostly degrees, with special interest, with a duration of 4 years.